Thomas Oldam
Visiting Assistant Professor
Theater and Dance

My research focuses on representations of violence on the British and Irish stage. I try to figure out what makes gruesome writers from Shakespeare to McDonagh so effective, and I think there are many interconnected reasons (aesthetic, psychological, sociological) why we love gore so much. Despite this, I don’t watch a lot of horror/thrillers at the movies or on television. The big exception was the TV series Hannibal, because of Bryan Fuller’s uniquely theatrical aesthetic. His Pushing Daisies was delightful; I haven’t yet watched American Gods, but I hope to soon. I like TV that is bold and a little weird, like the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or the visually stunning Legion. As a dramaturg, however, I’m still a sucker for well-crafted writing. The best out there right now? Better Call Saul.