Alexanders VeteransAlexander’s Veterans and the Early Wars of the Successors
Joseph Roisman (classics)
University of Texas Press (2012)

Alexander the Great is known as one of the most formidable military commanders of all time. But what of the vaunted Greek soldiers who fought for him, conquering Persia, invading India, and creating a vast empire?

Scholars have studied Alexander and his ilk, the heavy hitters of ancient Greece. In this groundbreaking book, Roisman looks at the experience of the Macedonian veterans who made Alexander great. How did they behave off the battlefield? What was their relationship with commanders? What effect did they have on the outcome as successors divided up Alexander’s spoils after his death in 323 B.C.?

Roisman isn’t the first to consider this tumultuous and important period in history, but he is one of the first scholars to look at it through the lens of the rank-and-file warriors who made it all possible. 

JazzIn Good Time: The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland
James “Huey” Coleman ’70

Since its release last year, this documentary about jazz legend Marian McPartland has continued to garner acclaim at both jazz and film festivals, and from both the music and general press. Longtime filmmaker Huey (Coleman’s professional nom du cinéma) has produced an intimate and comprehensive portrait of McPartland, whose illustrious jazz career begged for this sort of treatment. “A marvelous documentation of a true artist,” said NPR’s Susan Stamberg. (More at

World of Wonders: the Lyrics and Music of Bruce Cockburn
James Heald ’74
Amazon (2012)

Heald has written an appreciation of the lyrics and music of iconic guitarist Bruce Cockburn, the first comprehensive look at the works of the Canadian singer-songwriter from the 1960s to the present.

While Cockburn hasn’t achieved megastar status in the United States, he is revered in Canada, and for good reason, Heald writes. Cockburn is a visionary artist: an engaging and probing songwriter, a spiritual seeker, a truth teller, and an extraordinary guitarist. Heald, a guitarist and singer-songwriter himself, doesn’t want us to miss a beat.