This was a breakout year for Colby in the national press with the College receiving an unprecedented amount of coverage in top news outlets. From stories on Colby's groundbreaking Pay It Northward campaign to the Return to Campus initiative, the College was featured prominently in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and on NPR, to name just a few. Here are some of the highlights:

New York Times

Colby Helps to Revitalize Downtown Waterville

Wall Street Journal

Colby Poll Shows Tough Re-Election Race In Maine


This College Pledges to Find Jobs for 100% of its 2020 Graduates

Fox News

Colby College Helps New Grads Land Jobs


Colby College Guarantees Employment for all 500 Graduates

Washington Post

On Some College Campuses, A New Fall Rite: Coronavirus Testing


How Maine’s Colby College is Striving to Keep COVID-19 Under Control


Colleges are Exploding with COVID and have Lax Testing. One School is Keeping Cases Down


Colby College Defies Downturn with $200-Million Facility and Pledge for Sports

Wall Street Journal

Young Job Seekers Tap College Alumni Networks for Leads