Blasey Ford was a Reminder of Assaults Past

Last fall I spent an entire day watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony about her experience with Supreme Court nominee Brett “Boof” Kavanaugh. Like many, it had a profound impact on me.

Of course I was reminded of my own experiences of sexual harassment and assault, but I was also reminded of my Colby senior thesis, for which I interviewed a sample of senior Colby women about sex and sexuality. Among these women, a significant number disclosed their own history of sexual assault, abuse, and/or harassment—many by male classmates at Colby.

While my initial reaction to watching Ms. Blasey Ford give astoundingly clear, sincere, and credible testimony—relative to the absurd display of lies and entitlement demonstrated by Boof—was rage (mostly in the form of powerlessness on behalf of all whose psyches have been carved, against their will, with memories and feelings no one should have to carry), my secondary response was awe.

While the frequency of sexual violence among my classmates was not a revelation in 1994, the way in which so many women have terrible, dehumanizing, traumatizing things happen to them in the course of their young lives and somehow manage to integrate those things into their narrative while marching forward into the world to build lives, careers, relationships, and families is a revelation now, 25 years later. It’s my belief that the very act of continuing to put one foot in front of the other is an act of implicit resistance and resilience of which we should all be in awe.

So I write to say “thank-you” to all my Colby classmates who shared their stories with me so many years ago. To them and all the women (and men) who are forced to reckon with traumatic and involuntary memories, I want you to know that I believe you.





Convocation at Colby College

On the Fair Shot Fund

Colby, this makes me so proud and grateful to be an alum. I was able to go to Colby because my grandparents were of that generation where as a cop and a nurse they could build up wealth (and they had structural advantages too, of course), which paid for Colby for me. My husband and I have an 8-month-old and have been wondering how on god’s earth we could possibly pay for as good an education for him—we’re a public school teacher and a nonprofit professional—but this makes it seem in the realm of possibilities. For us and for others. Thank you, Colby.

Ten years ago I asked this question to Colby leadership: “What can be done for those families who make too much to qualify for aid but not enough to write a $60,000 check?” The response, “yeah those people are in a tough spot.” Boy, we’ve come a long way, and it’s because of David Greene, Matt Proto and Colby leadership for their vision and for creating a culture of action for a better Colby. Outstanding!

Yes! But interesting…”middle-income” families. Is that saying that the college cannot be need-blind yet, but now can support families that at least can pay for some tuition?
(Editor’s note: Students with household income of up to $60,000 have no parent or guardian contribution.)

This is incredible news! Many thanks to the incredibly generous and farsighted alumnus who is making this possible. Meets a great need and fills a great void. Bravo!

Incredible gift for students and Colby.

Science lab

On the Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation

What a wonderful gift from Karen and Jeff. Getting started early in hands-on work will enable future scientists to develop that much faster, returning to the classroom able to learn better.

On the Pulver Science Scholars Program

Thank you, David and Carol. I can’t tell you how important the education I received in science as a biology major at Colby 55 years ago has been to my professional career, the thousands of M.D.’s and D.V.M.’s and their human and animal’s patient lives. Your support will continue to support human and animal health, and equally important, the research necessary to advance medicine and the understanding of our world.

Everyone is VERY HAPPY! Thank you, David and Carol Pulver!!!

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On Jan Plan internships provided by attorneys Tom ’05 and Tracy Nale ’07

Colby needs more of this kind of giving back.

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Hannah Springhorn ’19

On awarding of Watson Fellowship to Hannah Springhorn ’19

Can’t wait to read about what you will discover about the relationship between food and running! I started running only 12 years ago (Class of ’81, so I’m an oldie!) and have yet to figure out the best diet for a distance runner at my age. Good luck, enjoy, and know there are those of us out here who are waiting with bated breath for that one small tip!

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On the gift to the handbell choir

So happy to see that the handbell choir is going strong and has its own Jan Plan! I was in the handbell choir my full four years at Colby and co-led it with my now-husband in 2015. I sometimes worry that the choir didn’t last, but I can see there’s no need to worry. Kudos and thank you to the current members and leaders of the group!



On study of two-way traffic for Main Street

Started visiting Waterville in 2014 when son was freshman. Downtown was dead. Visited at least [twice] a year for four years and each year progressively more active, tourist friendly and fun. Can’t wait to see it now!

I am sensitive to the controversy as this issue does seem complex. I just wanted to add as a Colby parent from far away Montana, I’m pleased to see the revitalization of downtown Waterville. Our daughter is thriving at Colby College. Our appreciation of a Colby education extends to the Waterville businesses we visit when in town and online. Supporting local businesses is a key foundation of a thriving economy as we have seen here in Bozeman. We can’t wait for our next trip to Maine.

What a change from the 1950s when I was attending Colby!



Dottie Hudson

On Dottie Hudson, Roberts Dining Hall favorite

Dottie, thank you for being an amazing part of Colby! Dinners in Bobs were always better because of you.

DOTTIE!!!!! She made so many Mules’ days every day!