Honors projects are an opportunity to delve deeply into graduate level mathematics. Projects may or may not involve original research, but all involve significant independent work. Usually honors work begins in the fall or January and extends through the spring semester. If you are interested in pursuing honors, please speak with a department faculty member whose interests align with yours.

Below is a list of recent honors projects. If available, the name of the project is linked to the final paper. All copyrights are held by the authors or publishers; the papers are posted here with permission. The first faculty member listed is the primary supervisor.

ProjectStudent(s)YearSupervising Faculty
A Generalized Polar-coordinate Integration Formula,
Oscillatory Integral Techniques, and Applications to
Convolution Powers of Complex-valued Functions on Zd
Huan Bui2021Evan Randles
Leo Livshits
Counting Conjugacy Classes of Elements of Finite Order
in Compact Exceptional Groups

Qidong He2021Tamar Friedmann
Fernando Gouvea
Everyone can be “a math person”:
The Role of the Growth Mindset in Mathematics Education
Nicole Petherbridge (education)2020Mark Tappan (education)
Scott Taylor
Basis Reduction in Lattice CryptographyRaj Kane2019Nora Youngs
Leo Livshits
On Spectral TheoremMuyuan Zhang2018Ben Mathes
Evan Randles
Parametric Polynomials for Small Galois
Claire Huang2018Fernando Gouvea
David Krumm
Simplest Cubic FieldsJianing Yang2018Fernando Gouvea
David Krumm
Chow's TheoremYohannes D. Asega2017Fernando Q. Gouvêa
David Krumm
Tying the Knot: Applications of Topology to ChemistryTarini S. Hardikar2017Scott Taylor
Jan Holly
Normal Surfaces and 3-Manifold AlgorithmsJoshua D. Hews2017Scott Taylor
David Krumm
Numerical Solution of the Black-Scholes PDESaran Liukasemsarn2017Jan Holly
Lu Lu
Chaos: The Mathematics Behind the Butterfly EffectJames Manning2017Jan Holly
George Welch
Some Examples of the Interplay between Algebra and TopologyJoseph D. Malionek2017Scott Taylor
Fernando Q. Gouvêa
Modeling Ocean Ecosystems Anna Kroanauer2016Jim Scott
Stephanie Taylor
A fast algorithm for simplifying triangulations of the 2-sphere Dan Medici 2016Scott Taylor
Leo Livshits
The Central Hankel TransformMatt Levine2015Ben Mathes
Justin Sukiennik
Quantization of analysisKelvin Lui2015Ben Mathes
Scott Taylor
Cyclic Properties of the Volterra OperatorJohn Dixon2014Ben Mathes
Otto Bretscher
Linear Algebra in Quantum ComputingByoungwook Jang2014Leo Livshits
Fernando Gouvêa
Towards Sullivan's No Wandering Domain TheoremKyle Hawkins2014Leo Livshits
Scott Taylor
Banach-Mazur Games and Borel DeterminacyStephen Jenkins2014Leo Livshits
Lu Lu
The Geometry of the KdV Equation Arjumand Masood 2013Andreas Malmendier
Fernando Gouvêa