What can I do with a mathematics major? How about with a mathematical sciences major? The goal of this page is to give some pointers about where answers to these common questions may be found. There are many sources of information, and we’ve only collected a few of them so far.

  • The Mathematical Association of America published a book called 101 Careers in Mathematics (see the review on MAA Online, written by a Colby alumna). The department has a copy, and so does the Colby Career Services office. This book contains career profiles of people who majored in mathematics. It’s quite interesting to see the wide range of things people ended up doing! Also worth a look are She Does Math! and Great Jobs For Math Majors. You can find copies of 101 Careers and Great Jobs in the Mathematics seminar room (Davis 217). The library has copies of She Does Math! and 101 Careers.
  • There is similar information online at the MAA Career Profiles collection.
  • A new web site dedicated entirely to those who are interested in pursuing a career as an actuary was recently launched through a joint effort by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries. It is definitely worth a look.
  • Did you know companies hire math majors, but the job title isn’t “mathematician”? Here’s a nice summary article about careers for math majors (MAA Focus Sept. 2019).
  • To read about some options for what math Ph.D.s can do, apart from becoming a professor, look at the “Early Career” section of the April 2022 Notices of the AMS.