The Mathematical World on the Web

The web is full of math-related sites of all kinds. This page just points you to a few of them, including several which have large collections of mathematical links.

Our Favorites

  • MAA Online, the online newsletter of the Mathematical Association of America, edited by our own Fernando GouvĂȘa (so yes, we’re biased). This site has a very good students page with lots of career and job information, among other things. We particularly like their career profiles, which show all the nice things people do with their math degrees. Nice book reviews and columns too!
  • The Mathematics Digital Library is a new project focused on bringing mathematical resources to the web.
  • The Mathematica folks have created a page where you can go to get your integrals done for you! Wolfram|Alpha is useful for seeing how common your name is too!
  • Mathematicians appear as characters in many movies. As might be expected, the portraits aren’t always too convincing! The Math in the Movies site collects information and discussion about movies with mathematics and mathematicians in them.
  • People say funny things about math… Check the Mathematical Quotations Server.
  • What happened on this day in mathematical history? Check out Today in Mathematics.
  • Start reading some math blogs! Here’s one place to get started.

Large Archives and Indices

  • The arXiv is a preprint server for research mathematics. All the articles are free and publicly accessible.
  • The Mathematics Archives: lots of mathematical software, plus many other things.
  • Online Math Courses: A compilation of free online courses in mathematics. Many of them are from MIT’s open courseware project.

Professional Societies

Other interesting sites