Calculus 2021 – 2022

Welcome to Colby!

The Department of Mathematics offers courses in mathematics to many Colby students, ranging from those who just want to take one or two quantitative courses to those who want to major in the mathematical sciences. As a new student, you will probably have questions; these pages are our attempt to answer some of them and to tell you where to go for more answers.


Beginning in Fall 2021, the Calculus Curriculum at Colby is changing dramatically to better serve student needs. Please check back here for more information, coming soon!




If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

When you arrive at Colby, if you are unsure of your choice of math courses, we encourage you to attend the informational meeting held during orientation. Several faculty members will be there and offer advice based on your specific situation. Take early advantage of the close student-faculty relationship that we cherish here!

Prior to June 2021, if you have questions, you can contact:
Scott Taylor
in person at Davis 207
sataylor AT colby DOT edu