Opportunities for student research abound in the Colby Mathematics and Statistics department. Students can apply for paid research assistant positions and qualified students can complete honors projects. For more information about becoming a research assistant, talk to your favorite mathematics or statistics professor. (If you are interested in doing research over the summer, you should approach your professor by early January.) For more information on the honors program, visit the Academic Program page and see the list of recent honors projects.

Below is a list of recent research projects involving students. Some honors projects qualify as independent research and are included here (marked with *); others are listed on the honors project page. If available, the name of the project is linked to the final paper. All copyrights are held by the authors or publishers; the papers are posted here with permission. For honors projects, the first faculty member listed is the primary supervisor. For other papers, faculty supervisors and non-Colby affiliated authors are listed according to the convention of the discipline (often alphabetical).

ProjectStudent(s)YearSupervising Faculty
Modeling Ocean Ecosystems Anna Kroanauer (*) 2016Jim Scott
Stephanie Taylor
A fast algorithm for simplifying triangulations of the 2-sphere Dan Medici (*) 2016Scott Taylor
Leo Livshits
New examples of Brunnian theta graphs
Accepted by InvolveInvolve
Byoungwook Jang
Anna Kronaeur
Pratap Luitel
Dan Medici
2015Scott Taylor
Alex Zupan (UNL)
Toeplitz Transforms of Fibonacci Sequences
to appear in Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society.
Liam Connell
Matt Levine
2015Ben Mathes
Justin Sukiennik
The Fibonacci identities of orthogonality
to appear in Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Kyle Hawkins
Ursula Hebert-Johnson
2014Ben Mathes
Rings of Uniformly Continuous Functions
Int. J. Contemp. Math. Sciences (2014), pp. 309 - 312
Yilin Xu2014Ben Mathes
Triangular truncation of k-Fibonacci and k-Lucas circulant matrices
Linear Algebra and Its Applications (2014), pp. 177-187
John Dixon
Michael Goldenberg
2013Ben Mathes
Justin Sukiennik
Functions with dense graphsMathematics Magazine
86 (2013) 366-369.
Eli Dupree2013Ben Mathes
Unknotting Number and Combinatorial Sutured Manifold TheoryAlex Rasmussen (*)2013Scott Taylor
Andreas Malmendier
The Geometry of the KdV EquationArjumand Masood (*)2013Andreas Malmendier
Fernando GouvĂȘa
Sensory Conflict Compared in Microgravity, Artificial Gravity, Motion Sickness, and Vestibular Disorders
Journal of Vestibular Research
Vol. 22 (2012) 81-94.
Sarah Harmon 2012Jan Holly
Singular values of k-Fibonacci and k-Lucas Hankel MatricesInt. J. Contemp. Math. Sciences
Vol. 7, 2012, no. 47, 2327 - 2339
Eli Dupree2012Ben Mathes
An Application of Matricial Fibonacci Identities to the Computation of Spectral Norms
Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics Vol. 44, 2014, no. 3, p. 877
John Dixon
David Wheeler
2012Ben Mathes