Migrations, the annual humanities theme for 2014-15, is a year-long, campus-wide initiative designed to foster interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration.

Migrations describe the movement of peoples, animals, objects, cultures, resources, identities, and ideas across time and space. Whether they involve the physical or symbolic crossing of borders, migrations contribute to our sense of belonging or exclusion and to our feeling of being “there” or “here.”

Through course work, performances, lectures, film series, exhibits and collegial conversation, Colby faculty, staff and students will interrogate this understanding of migrations as shaping the self and the world. How can we represent the experiences of immigration, exile, diaspora, or passing? What are the possibilities and challenges associated with mobility and immobility? What happens to the local when it interacts with the national, regional, or global? Questions like these respond to some of the most pressing issues the world is facing today, from the development of new political structures and methods of cross-cultural exchange to changes in climate and demographics.

The graphic identifier for the Center’s 2014-15 Annual Humanities Theme, Migrations, is taken from the wonderful Jules de Balincourt painting, Pangea, 2012, a gift from the Alex Katz Foundation on view at the Museum’s Curricular Gallery for 2014-2015.