Let Art Inspire

Let Art Inspire is the Museum’s wellness initiative, which includes a variety of programs that connect the mind, body, and art in innovative ways. Currently, there are three Let Art Inspire programs:

Artful Movements

First Saturday of each month, 1 p.m.

Practice a series of gentle yoga poses inspired by artworks in the galleries. Our ​Artful Movements​ sessions begin with a deeper look at an artwork, followed by yoga and meditation
led by Kathleen Leisure Haberstock of School Street Yoga. Find past and upcoming Artful Movements programs

Artful Meditation

Second Wednesday of each month, 4 p.m.

Experience greater mind-body connection though our ​Artful Meditation​ program. During each session, Jing Ye, a meditation teacher and a counselor at Colby College, will guide participants through a meditation inspired by a work of art. Find past and upcoming Artful Meditation programs

Artful Healing

Third Monday of each month, Noon

Practice a series of hands-on activities inspired by artworks in the galleries. In our Artful Healing sessions, Bodhi Simpson, an art therapist, will gently guide participants through a creative healing exercise inspired by a work of art in the museum’s collection. Find past and upcoming Artful Healing programs

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