Summer Luncheon


Saturday, July 11, 2020


Colby College Museum of Art
Waterville, Maine

Over the past six decades, the Colby Museum has grown from a small regional gem to an international destination for American art and a model for academic engagement. Join alumni, parents, and friends from across the country to celebrate the mission and impact of the Colby College Museum of Art.

Questions? Contact Director of Museum Development Liz Menard | 207-859-4367

Thank you to all who attended the Colby College Museum of Art’s 2019 Summer Luncheon and 60th Anniversary Celebration. This annual event is a special time to rejoice in the successes of this institution, our mission to transform lives through art, and the people like you who make it possible.


2019 Summer Luncheon Sponsors and Supporters

As of July 5, 2019

Expressionist ($10,000)

Betsy Cohen and Ed Cohen, Areté Foundation
Agnes Gund
Karen Linde Packman ’88, P’21 and Jeff Packman ’88, P’21

Impressionist ($5,000)

Barbara Alfond and Ted Alfond P’92, GP’21, ’22, ’22
Whitney Dayton Brunet ’01 and Christian Brunet ’01
Nancy Gardiner P’13 and Nat Gardiner P’13
Carolyn Greene P’20 and David A. Greene P’20
Hemenway Trust Company LLC
Hilary Barnes Hoopes ’89, P’20 and Robert Hoopes ’89, P’20
Lucio Noto and Joan Noto
Jenny Alfond Seeman ’92, P’21, ’22 and Tom Seeman P’21, ’22
Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture
Carol Winthrop P’12 and Robert Winthrop P’12

Luminist ($2,500)

Alexandre Gallery, New York
American Arts Consulting, LLC
Carol Beaumier ’72
Valerie Carberry P’23 and Richard Wright P’23
Alene Gelbard P’03 and Robert S. Gelbard ’64, LL.D. ’02, P’03
Patricia La Valley and Geoff Hargadon
Robert Macdonald ’87 and Cynthia Macdonald
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
John Pelosi P’19, P’23 and Susan Pelosi P’19, P’23
Thomas Schulhof ’69
Seth Thayer ’89 and Greg Tinder
Kayla Zemsky ’09 and Michael Myers

Modernist ($1,000)

Sharon Corwin and Martin Kelly
James Crawford ’64, LL.D. ’05 and Mary Crawford
Carolyn Cunniffe and Mo Cunniffe
The Ffrench Family P’21
Marjorie Lunder Goldy
Paul Goodof
Bree Jeppson ’93 and James Bassett
Galerie Lelong & Co.
John Lyons ’85, P’22 and Susannah Gray P’22
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Lisa M. Marin
Tom Morrione ’65, P’93, GP’23 and Nancy Morrione ’65, P’93, GP’23
Pond Family Foundation
Andrew Schoelkopf, Menconi + Schoelkopf
Susan Schulman and Lawrence Eyink
Paul J. Schupf, LL.D. ’06
Anne Szostak ’72 and Michael Szostak ’72
Katharine J. Watson

Romanticist ($500)

Karen Croff Bates ’88 and N. Scott Bates ’87
Bruce C. Drouin ’74 and Janet L. Hansen ’75
Drs. Marvin Eisengart and Dorothy Eisengart
Lew Estabrooks and Ellie Estabrooks
Jennifer Frutchy ’76 and Edward Ford
Eric Hopkins Gallery
Leslie McCarthy P’16, ’18
Bridget Moore, DC Moore Gallery
The Pfau Family
Jane Phillips ’01 and Jack Phillips ’02
Tobi Leanna Schneider P’03
Mark Taylor ’89

Ticket Supporters

Barbara Allen
Susan Jane Belton ’73 and David Belton ’72
Jacob Billiar ’13
Jean Bird and Philip Bird
Hope Palmer Bramhall ’56, P’81, ’92, GP’13, ’16
Lee Bujold ’64 and Joe Bujold
Wendy Burton
Kathy Libby Castonguay ’71
Alison Coady ’65
Millard F Coffin, PhD
Kathleen Colton and Maury Colton
Jane Dahmen ’63, P’93
Elliot Bostwick Davis
Chris Duncan ’75 and Alice Smith Duncan ’74
John A. Dirkman
Melanie Essex
James Fell ’66
Debra J. Force
Frederick Fisher and Partners
Charles Gauvin P’15, ’18 and Gina Sawin P’15, ’18
Duncan Gibson ’83
Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
Peter Goldman and Beverly Werber
Karen Heck ’74
The Horzepas
Frances Hynes
Indigo Arts Alliance
Alice Kang P’21 and OhSang Kwon P’21
Lydia Kimball
Allan Landau ’55, P’84 and Paula Landau P’84
Adam Lee and Diana Lee
Julia T. Lo ’14
Lance Mahaney and Patricia Mahaney
The McElroy Family P’13, P’17
April Nelson McKay ’72
Anna O’Keefe ’07 and Brendan O’Keefe ’07
John Poirier
Edward T. Pollack
David Preston P’89, ’91 and Barbara Preston P’89, ’91
Susan Reisert ’86 and Joseph Reisert
Lou Richardson Rhyne ’67 and Joseph Rhyne
Jesse Salisbury ’95
Sunne Savage
Theresa Secord
Monte Selby P’23 and Michelle Selby P’23
Richard Schmaltz ’62, P’87, GP’15 and Joan Schmaltz ’63, P’87, GP’15
Barbara Smith P’85, ’90, GP’19 and Earl Smith P’85, ’90, GP’19
Barbara Sullivan
Anne Surovek P’98 and John Surovek P’98
S.B Walker
Carol A. Welch P’88, GP’21
Dudley Zopp

Summer Luncheon Contributions

Sarah Hamilton Barringer ’92
Jacob Billiar ’13
Gabrielle Bekink and Rudolf Bekink
Kevin Burke Photography
Judith L. Brody ’58, GP’13, ’16
Jay E. Cantor
Linda Johnson Crawford’64, LL.D. ’05
Linda Cotter LL.D. ’00 and Bill Cotter LL.D. ’00
Daphne Cummings P’90
Stephen H. Eccher and Cynthia Eccher
Ellis-Beauregard Foundation
Anne Elton P’23 and Jeff Elton P’23
Hilary A. Ervin
Garth Greenan Gallery
Nancy Grover
Greg Heins and Karen Haas
Patricia King
Robin King ’83 and Jack Gondela
Jim Kinnealey and Cynthia Hyde
Bill Layton and Jean Marie Layton
Angela Lorenz
James Macdonald
Dorothy Maston ’64 and Bruce Maston
Louise McIlhenny and Hugh Riddleberger
Robert Nicholson
Tina Petra
Michael Perreault ’13
PRO Moving Services
James Quigley P’20 and Jacqueline Quigley P’20
Pat Davidson Reef P’83
Susan Reisert ’86 and Joseph Reisert
Nina Roth-Wells LLC
Kenneth Shure and Liv Rockefeller
Dave Sveden ’64 and Jane Sveden ’64
Mark Taylor ’89 in memory of Valerie Spierling ’89
Miriam Valle-Mancilla ’16