Each year outstanding students are recognized by a number of annual departmental prizes and awards.

Award Descriptions:

Alma Morrissette Music Award: This prize is awarded annually for excellence in music achievement in composition, performance, and leadership in musical organizations.

Ermanno Comparetti Music Award: This prize was given by friends and former students on the occasion of the retirement of Professor Ermanno F. Comparetti. It is awarded to an outstanding composer and/or member of the Colby Symphony Orchestra.

Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize: This prize is awarded annually to a graduating student, who in the opinion of the Music Department faculty, on the basis of this year’s record, has demonstrated academic achievement and creative skills, and genuine commitment to scholarship.


Recent winners are:



Karl A. Lackner ’22 Alma Morrissette Music Award
Benjamin M. Lawlor ’22 Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Houston A. Newsome ’22 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize
Houston A. Newsome ’22 Chorale Music Award
Lujia Wang ’23 Collegium Award
Karl A. Lackner ’22 Jazz Band Award
Julia C. Lancia ’22 Orchestra Music Award
Tiger H. Nguyen ’23 Wind Ensemble Award
Yaxuan Ren ’24  Music Department Performance Prize


Sean Dougherty ’21 Alma Morrissette Music Award
Marius Orehovschi ’21 Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Krisandra McNichol ’21 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize
Cora Merrick ’21 Chorale Music Award
Katie Carroll ’21 Collegium Musicum Award
Drummond Poole ’21 Jazz Band Award
Minji Ko ’21 Orchestra Music Award
Christopher Toborg ’21 Wind Ensemble Award
Esther Kim ’21 Music Department Performance Prize


Crystal Lee ’20  Alma Morrissette Music Award
Samantha Barry ’20  Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Alexandra Koeck-Schultz ’20 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize
Elizabeth Augustine ’20 Chorale Music Award
Jeremy Barnes ’20 Collegium Musicum Award
Madiha Molani ’20 Jazz Band Award
Samantha Barry ’20 Orchestra Music Award
Andrea Swiderski ’20 Wind Ensemble Award
Yitong “Thomas” Deng ’20 Music Department Performance Prize


Samantha Barry ’20 Alma Morrissette Music Award
Crystal Lee ’20 Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Colleen Wright ’19 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize
Fatimah Ali ’19 Chorale Music Award
E Hopf ’19 Collegium Musicum Award
Julia Warnock ’19 Jazz Band Award
Tara Brownson ’19 Orchestra Music Award
Alyson Churchill ’19J Wind Ensemble Award


Liam Butchart ’19 Collegium Award
Jake Lester ’18 Jazz Band Award
Christman Henderer ’18 Orchestra Music Award
Ava Baker ’18 Alma Morissette Music Prize
Fatimah Ali ’19 Chorale Music Award
Josua Lutian ’18 Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Tessa Hauptman ’18 Wind Ensemble Award
Liam Butchart ’18 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Jacqueline Betz ’17 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
William Qin ’17 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Eileen Hopf ’19 Chorale prize
Kellen McDonnell ’17 Wind Ensemble Prize
Michelle Boucher ’17 Jazz Band Prize
Jacqueline Betz ’17 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Josua Lutian ’17 Ermanno Comparetti Music Prize
Lauren Shirely ’17 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize


John Walpuck ’16 & Eileen Hopf ’19 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Jacqueline Betz ’17 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Abby Gregory ’19 & Yihong Liu ’16 Chorale prize
Emily Berry ’16 Wind Ensemble Prize
Maggie Chutter ’16 Jazz Band Prize
Olivia Gould ’16 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jacob Wall ’16 The Comparetti Music Prize
Xueqing Qiao ’16 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Jacqueline Betz ’17 & Caroline Tegeler ’16 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Alicia Fawcett ’15 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Anne Friedrich ’15 & Sarah Beth Solomon ’15 Chorale prize
Andrew Clevenger ’15 Wind Ensemble Prize
Sean Madigan ’15 & Carlvin Sanon ’15 Jazz Band Prize
Liam Connell ’15 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jane Allen ’15 The Comparetti Music Prize
Zachariah Eslami ’15 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Elizabeth Gorence ’14 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Ariella Gintzler ’14 Symphony Orchestra Prize
John Walpuck IV, ’17 Chorale Prize
Laura Parris ’14 Wind Ensemble Prize
Devin Gibbs ’14 Jazz Band Prize
Camille Gross ’14 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Brian Doolittle ’14 The Comparetti Music Prize
Lucas Martin ’14 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Siya Hegde ’13 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Mariel Lambrukos ’13 & Claire Herbig ’13 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Kendall Hatch ’13 Chorale prize
Elizabeth Malone ’13 Wind Ensemble Prize
Chelsea Nickerson ’13 Jazz Band Prize
Noah Teachey ’13 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
William Norton ’13 The Comparetti Music Prize
Kendall Hatch ’13 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanities


Allison Emery ’12 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Ariella Gintzler ’14 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Lauren McCrary ’12 & Arya Moallem ’12 Chorale prize
Martha Witick ’12 Wind Ensemble Prize
David Wollin ’12 Jazz Band Prize
James Lasher ’12 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jesse Goldman ’12 The Comparetti Music Prize
Allison Emery ’12 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanities


Geraldine Morris ’11 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Celia Friedman Cowen ’11 & Kevin Baier ’11 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Geraldine Morris ’11 and Michael Clark ’11 Chorale prize
Dustin Hickey ’11 Wind Ensemble Prize
Rhiannon Ledwell ’12 Jazz Band Prize
Ryoko Ogasawara ’11 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Kevin Baier ’11 The Comparetti Music Prize
Qainat Khan ’11 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanities