The Chorale makes an international concert tour once every two or three years, so that every member has the opportunity at least once in her or his undergraduate career to sing and tour abroad. Last spring the chorale made its first domestic tour to New York City and gave several choral and choral-orchestral concerts in the New York area, where they performed the Fauré Requiem.



An international or domestic tour constitutes an incomparable and unique experience for talented, dedicated college musicians for at least three reasons. A tour provides an unparalleled educational opportunity to encounter, however briefly, another culture or environment; it allows students to bond together as they travel to out-of-the-ordinary locations and perform in front of unfamiliar audiences; and it gives choral singers the chance to become deeply engaged with the tour repertoire by performing it numerous times in varying circumstances.


In addition, audiences in the countries we’ve visited have responded enthusiastically to our performances; it’s been deeply gratifying for our students to realize that their music is so warmly appreciated well beyond Colby’s Maine campus.