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MU493 Senior Seminar in Music Student Projects

The theme of the 2022 Music Senior Seminar was cross-domain thinking and creating: painters inspired by and borrowing from musicians, and composers inspired by and borrowing from visual artists.  The seminar students took a deep dive into the creative worlds of the composer and painter Arnold Schoenberg, and the painter and accomplished musician Paul Klee, and emerged from these creative and technical encounters with their own unique approaches to musical and painterly form and process.  The seminar has been an adventure which we all came to refer to as Seeing/Hearing, a type of synesthesia that challenged us all to explore and experience form, sound and color in new and provocative ways.  This video exhibition presents some of the students’ thoughts and creations inspired by their newly discovered world of Seeing/Hearing.

Karl Lackner ’22

Houston Newsome ’22

Christian Krohg ’22

Becky Antoine ’23

Chris Mellen ’23