“It’s still pretty much the picture I had in mind,” said Laurent Kosbach ’86, who traveled from his home in France. The biggest change? New buildings, he said, and the growth of the campus. Construction of the 53,000-square-foot Diamond Building is in full swing, and the alumni center was completed last summer on the Colby Green.

Others think of older buildings as new. Stephen Whitfield ’76 recalled the days when he could drive through the part of campus where Anthony-Mitchell-Schupf now sits. And back then, he says, Hillside wasn’t called Hillside. “They were ‘the new dorms.'”

For Heidi (Adelheid Pauly) Lansing and Patricia (Coffin) Davis, both Class of ’56, the difference in the physical campus is like night and day. Theirs was one of the first classes on Mayflower Hill. “There were very few buildings, very few trees,” said Davis. But, added Lansing, “It was easier finding your way.”

Reunion attendees ultimately did find their way around, from the lobster bake in the field house to their dorms, the museum, and talks by fellow alums, and to class dinners all over campus. A full schedule allowed them to stay busy despite the rain that kept them inside.

And members of the Class of 1956 saw yet another change. This time there were no curfews.