“Now that we’ve talked about video games and menopause, the only logical place to go is aquaculture.”

Jakob Moe ’06, prior to delivering his presentation at the seventh Undergraduate Research Symposium

More students than ever before participated in this year’s Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium and associated events, presenting research on topics ranging from alternative medicine to Wal-Mart, climate change to open-source software.

From May 3 to 5, the second floor of Roberts buzzed with activity as faculty, staff, and fellow students gathered to learn from Colby’s resident experts through 95 oral and 75 poster presentations. Beyond the formal program, other students presented research in associated sessions toward the semester’s end. With a total participation of 628 students, the symposium included about one third of the student body.

The symposium’s keynote speaker was Robert Bullard, a sociologist who, decades before the Hurricane Katrina disaster, brought environmental justice to the national stage. The author of 12 books on the subject, Bullard contends that low-income and minority neighborhoods bear the brunt of environmental hazards. “If you are on the right side, you get action; if you are on the wrong side, you get promises,” he told the audience.

Visit the Undergraduate Research Symposium Web site for details about this year’s student presentations.