“In countries like Bangladesh and in many countries in Africa, climate change has already happened.” So says 2008 Oak International Human Rights Fellow Afsan Chowdhury in this six-minute student-produced insideColby video that shows how Chowdhury inspired students to action during his semester on campus this fall.

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights was established at Colby in 1998, and it offers an annual fellowship for front-line human rights practitioners who spend a semester at Colby teaching and working with students. Chowdhury, who is from Bangladesh, was Colby’s 11th Oak Fellow. He produced the documentary film Who Cares if Bangladesh Drowns? before coming to Colby.

During his semester in Maine, Chowdhury’s work was featured in the Morning Sentinel, which covered a student rally downtown to address climate change and in Colby magazine.

For information about the Oak Institute, including a list of all 11 Oak fellows, see www.colby.edu/oak.

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