Daniel Hoshino ’11 of Newton, Mass., was awarded the School for Field Studies Distinguished Student Researcher Award in March for marine studies he pursued during spring semester 2010.

Hoshino’s research, conducted at the SFS Center for Marine Resources Study in the Turks and Caicos Islands, examined correlations between the substrate or foundation of coral reefs and the health and diversity of fish populations in and around the reefs.

A biology major with a concentration in environmental science, Hoshino was recognized for exceptional skills contributing to the center’s field research, according to the school’s announcement. The announcement noted the quality of his research report and presentation, as well as the leadership and teamwork skills he demonstrated organizing the research team’s presentation.

In her nomination of Hoshino, Annemarie Kramer, the resident lecturer supervising the project, praised him for “a very quick understanding and immediate ability to apply what he was taught, synthesizing knowledge from different sources.”