Four Colby students have been selected to blog from this year’s annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience Nov. 12-16 in Washington, D.C. Theirs is the only undergraduate student blog among the 10 chosen.

The Student Undergraduate Neurobloggers, as they have been dubbed, were selected for the pilot program because of their experience blogging for their Psychology and Neuroscience seminar. They are the only undergraduates blogging, according to Assistant Professor of Psychology Melissa Glenn, who teaches their seminar. The other blogs include graduate students, professors, and the editor of Scientific American.

The program is part of a larger effort by the Society for Neuroscience to redirect its focus to a younger audience, Glenn said. The Colby students’ blog, by Derek Wise ’12, John Gardner ’12, Kristen Erickson ’12, and Chelsea Nickerson ’13, “really fits with what they’re trying to do.”

This is the flagship meeting of the organization which includes 42,000 members worldwide, about 25,000 of whom attend the annual meeting.