Driven by a 19-percent increase in Early Decision applications, the number of applications for admission to Colby grew again this year following a 23-percent increase last year.
Office of Admissions staffers are reading a record 5,234 applications for the Class of 2016. That’s a 1.14-percent increase over last year’s pool and makes this the second year in a row to break all previous records. Over the last two years, applications increased 24 percent. Applications from international students increased 12 percent, with 978 in this year’s pool compared to 870 last year.
The 19-percent hike in the number of Early Decision applications reflects increasing selectivity at Colby as well as heightened interest among applicants, according to Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Terry Cowdrey. Following a year when the College’s admit rate dropped to 29 percent, “Counselors likely encouraged students who were very interested in Colby this year to demonstrate that interest by applying Early Decision,” Cowdrey said. Colby received 527* Early Decision applications compared to 444 last year.
Colby’s Admissions Office has until late March to make its decisions and notify applicants who did not apply Early Decision. Then those who are offered admission have until May 1, the national candidate reply date, to decide whether to come to Colby. At the end of the process, Colby hopes to enroll 490 members of the Class of 2016 in the fall and another 40 who would enroll midyear.

[* The number of Early Decision applications originally posted Jan. 30 was 530. It was corrected to 527 Jan. 31 after it was discovered that three applications mistakenly had been counted twice.]