Jonathan Michaeles

After a national search that garnered more than 100 applicants, Colby assistant coach Jonathan Michaeles has been named the Mules’ new head football coach. Michaeles, a graduate of Bates College, was assistant coach for eight years and has been the interim director of football at Colby since December.

“Not only does he know the game, he also knows this program and the College,” Colby Athletics Director Marcella Zalot said. “I think that continuity is going to reap big benefits for us in the years ahead.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer echoed Zalot’s enthusiasm. “It’s always satisfying to be able to find an internal candidate to fill a critical slot, and it’s especially so when that candidate, by a clear and unequivocal margin, rises to the top of a competitive field of applicants.”

Prior to joining Colby’s coaching staff, Michaeles worked at Allegheny College, Saint Anselm College, Fordham University, University of Pennsylvania. He emphasizes balancing athletics and academics, and Colby’s team grade point average has gone up since his arrival. “We’re trying to help our incoming students make a successful transition into college,” Michaeles said. “We want the incoming students to be able to thrive academically, as well as on the playing field.”

More information is available on the Colby Athletics site.