A new grant to Colby will cover expenses for students to enroll in summer programs at archaeological field schools in the Americas.
“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us,” said Professor of Anthropology Mary Beth Mills, who heads the faculty committee that reviews students’ applications for funding. “Archaeology is an important side interest for many students in anthropology and other fields,” she wrote in an e-mail.
While professors in various departments have encouraged students to pursue summer field programs in the past, the schools can be quite expensive, Mills said. Now a grant from the Elfrieda Frank Foundation, arranged by Katherine Page Litterer ’98, will create opportunities for Colby students who might not otherwise be able to afford the fees.
The program can pay tuition, related expenses, and a stipend that can cover living expenses and can even offset potential summer wages that a student might forgo to do the academic field work. Students may apply for funding to cover archaeological research in North, Central, or South America.
The deadline for applications for the first round of awards was April 6, 2012, and a committee with faculty members from anthropology, history, and Latin American studies was prepared to evaluate proposals. “Very exciting!” Mills wrote.