An awards ceremony May 1 in Lorimer Chapel recognized students, faculty, and staff with College-wide and departmental awards for contributions to Colby and for outstanding academic achievement. The ceremony, now in its fourth year, included announcements of the senior class speaker chosen by members of the Class of 2012 to speak at commencement, the Condon Medal winner, and the Charles Bassett Senior Class Teaching Award. Award winners included:

Condon Medal, Nicole G. Sintetos ’12
(Also announced at commencement)

Division of Student Affairs Awards

Diversity and Human Difference Award, Zhixiang Victor Chen ’12    
Democracy and Civic Engagement Award, John C. Lewis ’12 and Sarah M. Falkof ’12
Outstanding Campus Leadership Award, T. Peter Randall ’12 and Dana L. Roberts ’12  

Senior Class Awards

The Charles Bassett Teaching Award, Lisa Arellano, Assistant Professor of American Studies
and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Colby Service Award, Joseph E. Atkins, Assistant Dean of Students,
and Pamela A. Poirier, Dining Services, Sodexo

Senior Class Speaker, Samuel C. Deeran ’12

Student Organization Awards

SGA Kol Harvey Award, Cole I. Yaverbaum ’14  
SGA Progressive Leadership Award, Berol Dewdney ’13  
SGA Service Award, Shannon P. Hodgdon, Campus Life Secretary
SPB Spirit Enthusiasm Award, Alexander G. Gucinski ’14
SPB Faculty/Staff Recognition Award, Craig H. Shores, Colby Security
SPB Commitment/Service Award, Ai Phuong S. Tong ’15
PCB Commitment to Multiculturalism Award, Dr. Tashia L. Bradley, Associate Dean of Students
and Director of the Pugh Center

Acknowlegment of Student Achievement

Colby Entrepreneurial Alliance Business Competition, Matthew Boyes-Watson ’12
Heart and Soul Award from Maine Campus Compact, Dana L. Roberts ’12
Projects for Peace Grant, Jenny J. Chen ’13
Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 1 for Best Original Music Award,
Lucas C. Martin ’14   

Academic/Departmental Awards

American Studies

The Charles W. Bassett Prize in American Studies, Nicole G. Sintetos ’12


Anthropology Award for Outstanding Performance in the Major, Jennifer B. Gemmell ’12 and Hannah E. Goodwin ’12


Marjorie D. Bither Award, Jillian F. Howell ’12  
Pamela Hoyt-Sanborn Award, Caitlin A. Burchill ’12  
Donald P. Lake Award, Justin C. Rouse ’12  
Ellsworth W. Millett Award, Rachael E. Mack ’12 and Harry Smith ’12  
The Norman R. White Award, Brian J. Morgan ’13J
Richard L. Whitmore, Jr. Award, Eric C. Barthold ’12


Webster Chester Biology Prize, Jennifer B. Gemmell ’12 and Matthew C. Silverman ’12
Alan Samuel Coit Biology Prize, Mark D. Chaffin ’12, Sara A. Mason ’12, and Ashley J. Oliver ’12  
Thomas W. Easton Prize in Biology, Jaclyn E. Johnson ’12

Career Center

Samuel R. Feldman Premed Book Prize, Lindsay E. Dale ’12


2012 American Institute of Chemists Award in Chemistry, Erin A. Powers ’12
2012 American Institute of Chemists Award in Biochemistry, Michael J. Verschoor-Kirss ’12
Senior Class Award in the Department of Chemistry, Lindsay E. Dale ’12  
Maine Section, American Chemical Society, Award for Excellence in Chemistry, Kristina Blazanovic ’12  

East Asian Studies

Senior Prize, Fiona R. Masland ’12


Breckenridge Prize, Anne M. Burton ’12, Jordan E. Cadorette ’12, and Kathleen A. Davis ’12
Faculty Prize, Siyang Xu ’13
Robert W. Pullen Prize, Jacob G. Penglase ’12 and Bradley E. Turner II ’12  
Christian A. Johnson Award, Anne M. Burton ’12 and Kelly L. Foster ’12
Department Prize for Service, Kathleen A. Davis ’12  
Department Prize for the Junior with the Highest Major GPA, Siyang Xu ’13


Scholar/Activist Award, Eric C. Barthold ’12 and Emma H. Creeden ’12
Teaching for Social Justice Award, Alexander J. Chase ’12 and Nicole M. Hewes ’12


Solomon Gallert English Prize, Angelica L. D’Aiello ’12
Hilda M. Fife Literary Prize, Nicole M. Hewes ’12

English: Creative Writing

Mary L. Carver Poetry Prize, Lucy S. Dotson ’13
Katherine Rogers Murphy Prize for Original Poetry, Cole I. Yaverbaum ’14
Elmira Nelson Jones Prize for Creative Writing, Grant W. Patch ’12

Environmental Studies

Hollis Prize, Brianna M. Lind ’12
Environmental Studies Prize (Policy), Daniel D. Homeier ’12
Environmental Studies Prize (Science), Elizabeth M. Schneider ’12


American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Senior in French Award, Margaret A. Hunziker ’12


S.S. and I.M.F. Marsden Teaching Award, Hannah M. Dhonau ’14 and Morgan E. Monz ’14
Thomas C. Bove Award, Daren A. McGregor ’12
Sullivan S. Marsden Prize in the Physical Sciences, Emma M. Beck ’12 and Nathan J. Katsiaficas ’12


German Program Award, Susannah Hufstader ’12

Global Studies Program

Faculty Prize, Laura J. Maloney ’12 and Fiona R. Masland ’12

Goldfarb Center

Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Student Service Award, Stanley K. Abrams ’12 and Dana L. Roberts ’12


Albert A. Mavrinac Prize, Laura J. Maloney ’12
F. Harold Dubord Prize in Political Science, Benjamin G. Ogden ’11
Laurie Peterson Memorial Award, Laura J. Maloney ’12
Benjamin Ling Fellowship, Max B. Kanner ’13 and Abbott G. Matthews ’13
Pi Sigma Alpha, Class of 2012, Madelaine S. Bergier, Anne M. Burton, Christopher J. Buonomo,
David I. Cramer
, Andrew M. Estrada, Meghan E. Kelly, Thomas F. Lampert, Laura J. Maloney Carolin Maney, Lane A. McVey, Kelly P. Potvin, Raymond R. Rieling IV, Katherine L. Selin,
M. Desiree Shayer
, and Andrew J. Wade
Pi Sigma Alpha, Class of 2013, Claire E. Dunn, Lauren G. Fisher, Daniel F. Garin, Abbott G. Matthews, Alexandra K. McAuliff, and Michelle R. Seares


Outstanding Senior in Italian Award, Vincent J. Todd ’12

Latin American Studies Program

The Walker Latin American Studies Senior Prize, Heidi C. Blair ’12 and Kathryn M. Wassam ’12


Class of 1941 Book Prize, Emma H. Creeden ’12
Healy Prize, for her essay titled, “Molly’s Redefinition of Bloom’s Dynamic Masculinity Model in Ulysses,”
Faye Shneider ’12

Mathematics and Statistics

Marston Morse Prize in Mathematics, Anika J. Lindemann ’12
Thomas R. Berger Prize in Mathematical Sciences, Christopher W. Hoder ’12
H. T. (Pete) Hayslett Prize in Statistics, Jordan E. Cadorette ’12  


Collegium Chamber Singers Prize, Allison E. Emery ’12  
Symphony Orchestra Prize, Ariella B. Gintzler ’14  
Chorale Prize, Lauren D. McCrary ’12 and Arya J. Moallem ’12
Wind Ensemble Prize, Martha M. Witick ’12
Jazz Band Prize, David H. Wollin ’12
Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanities, Allison E. Emery ’12  
Alma Morrissette Music Prize, James G. Lasher ’12  
Ermanno Comparetti Music Prize, Jesse M. Goldman ’12


Stephen Coburn Pepper Prize for Excellence in Philosophy, Mallory E. Livingston ’12
John Alden Clark Essay Prize, Alexander A. Barron ’13 and Alexander L. Forsythe ’12

Physics and Astronomy

William A. Rogers Prize in Physics, Greg M. Seyfarth ’13
Senior Prize, Christopher W. Hoder ’12  
Sigma Pi Sigma, Jennifer E. Beatty ’12, Todd J. Curcuru ’12, Austin A. Duncanson ’12,
Samuel G. Grant ’12
, Austin T. Hoag ’12, Christopher W. Hoder ’12, David G. Jensen ’12,
Anika J. Lindemann ’12
, Kento Momma ’12, Daniel J. Pennachio ’12, and Nirakar Poudel ’12


Edward Colgan Prize in Psychology, Jessica E. Blais ’12
Paul Perez Prize in Psychology, Stephanie-Ann M. LaRose ’12
Psi Chi, Psychology’s Honorary Society, Lori T. Ayanian ’14, Josef M. Broder ’13,
Czarina Evangelista ’14
, Lindsay M. Hylek ’12, Hillary E. Keach ’13, Julie E. Levine ’13, Josephine K. Liang ’14, Michelle Mathai ’12, Kayleigh T. Monahan ’13, Mariah S. Smith ’13, Caroline B. Southwick ’14, Arvia Sutandi ’13, Miia-Liisa Termonen ’14, and Natasha K. Ziv ’14

Religious Studies

Religious Studies Award for Academic Distinction, Todd J. Curcuru ’12 and Spencer A. Kasko ’12


Russian Program Award, Rebecca L. Chenard ’12 and James G. Lasher ’12

Senior Scholars

Education, for “More Than Just Verse?: The Language of Dr. Seuss and Children’s Literacy,” Nicole M. Hewes ’12
Physics, for “Augmenting Your Daily Reality, A Study in Accessible AR,” Bogumil K. Giertler ’12

Science, Technology and Society

Scholars Award, for his research on carbon dioxide in history and his essay, “From Mammoth Mountain to Mars: A Journey Across CO2 Landscapes,” Eoin D. McCarron ’13

Honors in the Major, Robert T. Canning ’12, Christopher J. Kasprak ’12, Thomas P. Meehan ’12, Nicole G. Sintetos ’12, and Margie L. Weiner ’12


Albion Woodbury Small Prize, Amanda C. Ferguson ’12


Book Prize, Sarah M. Falkof ’12

Theater and Dance

Theater and Dance Department Outstanding Senior Major Award, Ahmed Asi ’13

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Founder’s Prize, Ashley J. Oliver ’12
American Association of University Women Award, Berol Dewdney ’13

Acknowledgement of National Award Recipients

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Class of 2012
Stanley K. Abrams
Jennifer E. Beatty
Kristina Blazanovic
Anne M. Burton
Jordan E. Cadorette
Mark D. Chaffin
Xinyi Chen
Rebecca L. Chenard
Emma H. Creeden
Todd J. Curcuru
Kathleen A. Davis
Lauren V. Fiorelli
Veronica G. Foster
Sandhya I. Fuchs
Jennifer B. Gemmell
Jenifer C. Goldman
Hannah E. Goodwin
Samuel A. Grant
Nicole M. Hewes
Christopher W. Hoder
Daniel D. Homeier
Susannah Hufstader
Benjamin R. Hummel
David G. Jensen
Spencer A. Kasko
Meghan E. Kelly
Margaret Louise Kruithoff
Stephanie-Ann M. LaRose
James G. Lasher
Keith W. Lyons
Fiona R. Masland
Sara A. Mason
Ashley J. Oliver
Jacob G. Penglase
Daniel J. Pennachio
Nirakar Poudel
Elizabeth M. Schneider
M. Desiree Shayer
Faye S. Shneider
Emily C. Stuart
Kathryn M. Wassam
Michael C. Wismer
Travis E. Wright
Courtney E. Yeager

Class of 2013
Zachary T. Cecere
Brian S. Desmond
Mary V. Fletcher
Rachel M. Guerra
Alexander J. Rasmussen
Siyang Xu


Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic Achievement Award Recipients, Kathryn A. Coe ’14, Brian S. Desmond ’13, Kathryn A. Moore ’14, William H. Norton ’13, and Siyang Xu ’13
2012–13 Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, Yiyuan Jasmine Qin ’12
Fulbright Grant Recipients, Rebecca L. Chenard ’12, Sarah G. Hirsch ’12, Susannah Hufstader ’12,
James G. Lasher ’12
, Mallory E. Livingston ’12, Fiona R. Masland ’12, and Elizabeth M. Schneider ’12

Student Life Awards

Arthur Galen Eustis, Jr. Prize, Ellicott K. Dandy ’13
Lelia M. Forster Prize, Lauren E. Colwell ’15, Grace A. DeNoon ’15, and John C. Tortorello ’15  
LCA – Kim Miller Award, Jacob Eli Marx ’13  
Lorraine I. Morel Memorial Award, Holly E. Mawn ’13
Jacquelyn R. Nunez Award, Nicole G. Sintetos ’12  
Dean Ninetta M. Runnals Scholarship Prize, Laura J. Maloney ’12
Ethel M. Russell Chi Omega Prize Fund, Hannah C. DeAngelis ’12
Philip W. Tirabassi Memorial Award, Carter R. Stevens ’13
Carrie M. True Prize, Karen M. Abbas ’12
The Patty Valavanis Award, Lane A. McVey ’12