Lots of people like Colby. More than 7,000 of them.

The Colby Facebook page is attracting followers in droves, as alumni from across the decades join in conversations, comment on campus photos, answer questions from current students, and leave posts for the College community.

“It’s a great way for people who can’t be here to connect with what’s going on and stay in touch,” said Rob Clockedile, Colby’s manager of social media.

The College has had a Facebook presence since 2008, but over the past six months, he said, the Facebook page has steadily gained new followers and offered more interactive content, including the most popular feature, questions posed by current students. A recent question, “What’s the most memorable course you took outside your major?” prompted responses from 73 alumni who recalled the class, the professor, and the experience. To see them, go to http://ow.ly/ajS5g