A book by Pulver Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies David M. Freidenreich, Foreigners and Their Food: Constructing Otherness in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Law, will receive the American Academy of Religion award for excellence in the study of religion in the textual studies category this fall. 

The academy’s awards for excellence honor new scholarly publications of distinctive originality, intelligence, creativity, and importance—books that affect decisively how religion is examined, understood, and interpreted. The award will be presented Nov. 18 at the 2012 AAR annual meeting in Chicago. 

Foreigners and their Food explores how Jews, Christians, and Muslims conceptualize “us” and “them” through rules about the preparation of food by adherents of other religions and the act of eating with such outsiders. Freidenreich’s book is the first to analyze change over time across the legal literatures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, making contributions to the history of interreligious intolerance and to the comparative study of religion.  

Freidenreich was featured on the WAMC public radio program Academic Minute July 4. More information is available on Freidenreich’s Colby webpages.