You never know what Colby students will be thankful for. But if it’s something that happens on campus, chances are Colby’s donors are, at least in part, behind it.

TADDThat’s why students came to Pulver Pavilion March 13 to celebrate the first annual Thank a Donor Day. Students filled out 400 postcards to donors expressing gratitude for their support of the College. Topics included the swim team, Colby Cares About Kids, great professors, and the life-changing effects of the Colby experience.

“Thank you so much for making me grow so much as a person,” Pamela Alakai ’14 wrote. “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be here, share my own experiences, learn and discover so many new opportunities.”

Many of the messages students wrote will be mailed directly to donors in the coming weeks. They are also already being posted, along with photos of the students who wrote them, on the Thank a Donor Day website. Members of the Colby community are encouraged to visit the site, read the messages from students, and share their favorites on social media.

A campaign on posters, e-mails, and social media in the days leading up to Thank a Donor Day raised awareness of the role that donations—particularly those made to the Colby Fund—play in every student’s Colby experience. Each year alumni, parents, and friends give more than $5 million to the Colby Fund, which supports things critical to the Colby experience, such as financial aid, faculty and academic programs, athletics, student life, and campus maintenance. More information about how giving supports the student experience can be found here.