Students, faculty, and administrators came together in Lorimer Chapel May 7 for the fifth annual all-campus student awards ceremony. The event reveals and celebrates winners of College-wide honors; awards bestowed by academic and administrative departments and programs; national and international scholarships, fellowships, and grants; Phi Beta Kappa inductees; and other recipients of awards and honors bestowed as the academic year begins to wrap up. 

Highlights this year included the final announcement, that Madison Louis ’13 is this year’s Condon Medal winner, news met with a standing ovation. The medal, also acknowledged at commencement, recognizes the senior who embodies the finest qualities of constructive citizenship in the eyes of her peers. Louis is director of the Colby Volunteer Center and recently received a Heart and Soul Award from Maine Campus Compact for exceptional community service.

Seniors elected Michael Langley ’13 to be the student speaker at commencement, May 26.

Zacamy Professor of English Peter B. Harris, who won the senior class’s Charles Bassett Teaching Award, will address the class with what is called the Last Lecture—a kickoff to Senior Week. Seniors also recognized Tashia Bradley, director of the Pugh Center and associate dean of students, with the Colby Service Award.

A PDF with the full list of awards and the winners is online.