Sarah Flanagan ’11 and Associate Professor of Biology Cathy Bevier coauthored a paper published Feb. 4, 2014, in Ethology: The International Journal of Behavioural Biology. Titled “Do male activity level and territory quality affect female association time in the Brown Anole, Anolis sagrei?” the article concludes that in that species of Caribbean lizard, females prefer associating with males that are more active during male/female encounters. The brown anole is a major invasive species in the southeastern U.S.

Flanagan, a Presidential Scholar at Colby, had an undergraduate experience described as “a remarkable scientific journey of discovery,” in an insideColby profile from her senior year. It described her work in the lab and field locations from Maine to Zanzibar where she analyzed butterfly DNA, migratory birds’ behavior, elephant shrews, and mating selection in lizards.