Maggie Bower ’15, Sara Gibbons ’15, and Jack Gobillot ’14 at the American College Dance Festival conference.

At the 2014 American College Dance Festival’s New England Conference, a dance piece created by Sara Gibbons ’15 was selected for the conference’s culminating gala concert—one of fewer than a quarter of the entries so honored.

Gibbons’s dance titled Between the Folds was performed by Gibbons, Maggie Bower ’15, and Jack Gobillot ’14 at the conference, held at Boston University Feb. 13-16. Forty-five dance pieces were presented for adjudication and 11 were selected for the gala.

Additional presentations by Colby students in Boston included dance works Shapes of Other Things by Mika Mintz ’14 and Very Close to Doing Something by Maddie Kurtz ’15. Kurtz also presented a paper titled “Jewish Postmodern Choreographers: Religion and Identity through Dance.”

American College Dance Association regional conferences focus on dance in higher education. They include master classes, presentations of creative and scholarly research, adjudicated and informal concerts, feedback sessions, and the culminating gala concert.