Jim Fleming, professor of science, technology, and society, is co-editor of a 2014 book titled Toxic Airs: Body, Place, Planet in Historical Perspective. The book of essays, co-edited by Ann Johnson of the University of South Carolina, is an interdisciplinary look at atmospheric issues on scales from body to place to planet. It analyzes airborne and atmospheric threats to humans through history. The final essay, “Carbon ‘Die’-Oxide: The Personal and the Planetary,” is by Fleming.

The book is published by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

Fleming also published an article, “Climate Physicians and Surgeons,” in the April issue of Environmental History, one of the Oxford Journals. The essay “examines the historical dimensions of the metaphor that the earth, especially its atmosphere, is coming under ‘managed care’ by atmospheric scientists and is being prepped for invasive techniques administered by barber surgeons posing as climate engineers,” according to the abstract.