Emily VanWyk ’11 with Witheringia solanacea, the subject of a study she coauthored with Professor of Biology Judy Stone.

Professor of Biology Judy Stone has had a paper accepted for publication in the journal Evolution.

The paper, “Transmission Advantage Favors Selfing in Experimental Populations of Self-Incompatible Witheringia Solanacea,” was written with coauthors Jennifer Hale ’13 and Emily VanWyk ’11. Eleven other Colby students are acknowledged for their fieldwork with Stone in the laboratory or in Costa Rica. The paper explores self-fertilization, an ability that allows some plants to produce fruit themselves without receiving pollen from another individual. Stone’s paper finds that self-fertilization is more beneficial for male than for female function, with a self-fertilizing plant siring its own offspring as well as offspring of other individuals.