A paper coauthored by Assistant Professor of Psychology Jennifer Coane and psychology graduate Chelsea Stillman ’10 was named Editor’s Pick in the February issue of Memory & Cognition. The article, “The Effects of Healthy Aging on the Mnemonic Benefit of Survival Processing,” incorporates honors thesis research conducted by Stillman during her time as a research assistant in Coane’s Memory and Language Lab.

The paper investigates information processing for survival relevance, concluding that survival processing is an effective encoding strategy for younger adults but does not provide the same mnemonic benefit to healthy elders.

Stillman is pursuing a PhD. in psychology with a concentration in lifespan cognitive neuroscience at Georgetown University, continuing her study of neural, dispositional, and lifestyle factors related to learning across the adult lifespan. She was recently awarded a three-year NIH NRSA individual predoctoral fellowship for her dissertation project.