Abby Cooper ’14, Jackie Charlton ’14, Caroline Southwick ’14, and Rebecca Stoutamyer ’15 gave a presentation titled “Learning Assertive and Compassionate Expressions of Anger: Abuse Intervention Programming as a Gateway to Masculine Empowerment” at the 2014 New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO) Conference in Dover, Vt., on May 1. Their presentation included data from Colby men as well as data from men who have taken part in a local nonprofit program that works to reduce violent actions in men arrested for domestic violence.

Josephine Liang ’14 presented a poster titled “Is Happiness Good for Your Personality? Concurrent and Prospective Relations of the Big Five with Subjective Well-Being” at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, Texas, in February. The poster, coauthored with Anna Kronauer ’16 and Assistant Professor of Psychology Chris Soto, examines how personality traits and happiness reciprocally influence each other over time.

Lynna Lei ’16, Kimberly Bourne ’16, and Melissa Preziosi ’15 presented posters at the annual Mainely Data, Some Theory Conference at the University of Maine, Orono, on April 27.