Assistant Professor of Psychology Allecia Reid recently had three coauthored papers accepted for publication. She was also appointed to the editorial board of Addiction Research and Theory in March.

“Gender-Specific Effects of Depression on Drinking Outcomes Following Brief Motivational Interventions” finds that the level of depressive symptoms differentially affects changes in alcohol use following an intervention among male versus female college students. This paper will appear in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

“Effects of Normative Feedback for Drinkers Who Consume Less Than the Norm: Dodging the Boomerang” finds that across four samples of college students, interventions communicating the true norms for alcohol use do not lead to increased drinking among students who drink less than the norm. This paper will appear in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

“Changes in Discrimination Across Pregnancy and Postpartum: Age Differences and Consequences for Mental Health” finds that there are changes over the course of adolescent and young adult women’s pregnancies in their perceptions of being the targets of discrimination; these changes in perceived discrimination predict subsequent changes in symptoms of depression. This paper will appear in the American Journal of Public Health.