Assistant Professor of Psychology Erin Sheets spent three months of her yearlong sabbatical as a visiting scholar in the psychology department at the University of California, Los Angeles. She worked with collaborators in the UCLA Addictions Lab and developed new collaborative projects with faculty at the University of Southern California and the Claremont Colleges. She also gave invited talks on the bidirectional effects of stress and depression in emerging adults at UCLA, USC, and Pomona College, and she participated in a psychology career panel at UCLA.

In October Sheets gave a talk titled “Relationship Instability Is Depression Vulnerability: The Impact of Interpersonal Chronic Stress on Depression Recurrence” at the 6th Conference on Emerging Adulthood. Hillary Keach ’13 presented her honors research at the same conference—a poster titled “The Sunk-Time Effect and Personal Responsibility in Romantic Relationships and Education.” Kelsey Park ’14 and Rhiannon Archer ’14 also presented research conducted with Sheets on reactivity to Facebook and its associations with emotional-awareness skills.

Sheets presented “‘But You’ll Only Have Time to Teach!’: Redefining Liberal Arts College Careers” as part of a panel discussion on clinical psychology in liberal arts colleges at the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies convention in November. Shelley Kind ’13 also presented research conducted with Sheets titled “Rumination as a Consequence of Ineffective Social Problem-Solving: Evidence in Currently and Never Depressed Emerging Adults” as a poster at the conference.

In April Sheets presented a poster titled “Emotion in Daily Life: Similarities Between Currently and Previously Depressed Emerging Adults” at the inaugural meeting of the Society for Affective Science.