alumni panelColby alumni gathered in Los Angeles June 22 for an alumni panel focused on issues of social justice. Thirty alumni attended the brunch at the Sofitel Los Angeles to tackle questions including “What will be the key social justice issues in the coming years?” and “How can Colby alumni be leaders in ensuring justice for all?”

The event began with opening remarks form Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Teaching Professor of History Robert Weisbrot, who offered the chapel occupation by the black organization of students in 1970, divestment in South Africa, and Jack Foner’s founding of the black history program as examples of Colby’s commitment to social justice. From that point, the panel took an open-discussion format.

“It was an alumni event like none other I’d attended, raising more questions than providing answers, and I was honored to be present for such a compelling, thought-provoking dialogue,” said Sarah Eustis ’96.

The panel was hosted by Eustis and David Marcus ’82, and panelists included Elizabeth Beltran ’10, Jeffra Becknell ’82, and Rabbi Zachary Shapiro ’92.

Future panels are planned for Washington, D.C., and New York City. Dates and registration information will be posted at when available.