With a quick walk across campus and up to his new office in Eustis, President David A. Greene commenced work July 1. He spent most of the day meeting members of the Colby community (see slideshow below).

Greene’s tour took him to the Physical Plant Department, the Colby Museum of Art, the biology labs, and beyond. He attended an ice cream social in Pulver Pavilion with hundreds of people from around campus coming out to greet him. Greene spoke to faculty members and students at the opening event for the Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences.

Greene spent part of his day downtown with Waterville Mayor Karen Heck ’74. Heck showed him Railroad Square Cinema, an example of successful partnerships between the city and Colby. They toured the Waterville Opera House and she took him to lunch at Barrels Community Market.

In an e-mail to alumni, parents, and the campus community, Greene expressed his aspirations for Colby. Throughout the day members of the College community reached out via social media (see right) to welcome Greene to campus and offer their best wishes.

Greene is the 20th president in Colby’s 201-year history. Read more in this Colby Magazine profile.