Financial reports disclosed on July 22, 2014, show Maine Democratic candidate for governor Mike Michaud with more than $1 million in cash on hand, followed closely by Republican Governor Paul LePage, while Independent Eliot Cutler trails significantly with slightly more than a half-million, including a large sum he contributed to his own campaign.

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government Sandy Maisel comments that the majority of Maine political candidates who largely self-fund their campaigns do not win, not necessarily because voters resent their money but because the candidates do not garner a broad enough base of support.

According to Maisel, Cutler, who is polling at about 15 percent, is not exhibiting the same ability he had when he ran in 2010 to draw voters to his side in the waning weeks of the campaign. Cutler nearly defeated LePage then by winning over Democrats from Libby Mitchell’s camp in the weeks leading up to the election. This year, says Maisel, “his numbers are staying very low and he’s not showing the kind of broad support that would seem to lead one to that conclusion. And most of the people I know are saying, ‘We can’t stick with him if he’s going to finish third and take votes away, and essentially elect Governor LePage again.'”