Professor of Government Anthony Corrado commented on Democrat Emily Cain’s and Republican Bruce Poliquin’s Second Congressional District campaign ads centered on social security and health-care issues.

Corrado said, “Maine has an older population. In the Second District, you have an older population than you do in the First District.” He noted that senior citizens tend to vote in large numbers, leading to both Cain and Poliquin “orienting messages towards older voters because they know they’re going to be a crucial voting block in this year’s election.”

Corrado also commented on an FEC rules violation in one of Cain’s ads in a Portland Press Herald article. The Maine Republican Party contacted election regulators complaining that the TV ad did not include sufficient disclosure under federal rules. Corrado called the error “more of an oversight than any sort of rules violation,” stating that the disclaimer would have little impact on viewers. He noted the violation would not likely draw attention from the FEC: “It isn’t something they’re likely to take action on anytime soon.”