Male athletes at Colby were featured in a Christian Science Monitor article about young men on college campuses making efforts to stop sexual violence.

Ewan Seabrook, head coach of men’s soccer, held bystander awareness classes for his team about the role they can play as respected athletes to prevent harassment, dating violence, and sexual assault. Seabrook explained that about 90 percent of the violence women experience is perpetrated by men, adding, “I don’t feel guilty. I don’t expect you guys to feel guilty. But I do feel responsible.”

Seabrook conducted a few exercises, including presenting a series of statements that the team members responded to by moving into a section of the room designated as “agree,” “unsure,” or “disagree.” Another activity involved filling in a square labeled “Be a Man” with what the players perceived as societal expectations of men.

These talks about sexual violence prevention have spurred team members to reflect on their own lives. Jack McGeachie ’17 expressed concern for his female relatives and friends: “The guys they are interacting with—I hope they have the same standards we do, but you just don’t know.” Conrad Troast ’17 said he hopes to prevent his friends from “doing something stupid, especially in the presence of alcohol.”