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The Colby Career Center has announced a new partnership to connect seniors and recent graduates with high-growth companies such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Yelp, REI, and Through Koru, a Seattle-based company that helps students transition into the workforce, students pursue an intensive four-week immersion program that teaches them relevant career skills in a work setting. This is one of many opportunities facilitated by Colby to help students gain professional knowledge and practical experience.

Colby’s first Koru cohort will complete the program in January. Nine students applied and six were accepted—more than double the average of 30 percent usually accepted from Koru’s other partner schools, said Alisa Johnson, director of the Colby Career Center. Five students signed on for the January session, with three attending Koru’s new Boston program, one attending in Seattle, and one in San Francisco.

Students will work on solving a real business problem for an employer. Students work in teams on projects ranging from market entry strategy to new product development, and they present their results and insights to company executives. Students not only gain new skills such as customer research and strategic analysis, but they also have the opportunity to work with a high-growth employer. At the end of the program, every student is guaranteed an interview with one of Koru’s 40 employer partners, and according to Koru, 85 percent are hired.

Koru’s partner businesses offer positions in areas including sales and business development, marketing analysis, and project management. According to Johnson, Koru specifically seeks liberal arts students because they often have the broad base of knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary for the positions Koru’s partner companies are most eager to fill.

“We’re very happy to welcome Colby to our family of innovative and forward-thinking college partners,” said Kristen Hamilton, Koru cofounder and CEO. “Our goal is to complement a college education by coaching students within the environment of growing companies and working with our partners to solve the issue of underemployment. We look forward to supporting Colby students to reach their full potential.”