Pulver Family Associate Professor of Jewish Studies David Freidenreich recently published three articles and has another forthcoming.

Intermarriage in Judaism” was published in Sharing the Well: A Resource Guide for Jewish-Muslim Engagement, edited by Kimberly Zeitman and Mohamed Elsanousi, in 2014. “Walking Side by Side: Engagement with Islamic Law and Theology in Rabbinic Legal Literature” appeared in volume 104, issue 4, of the Muslim World, published in October 2014. Both of these emerged from a project that fosters contemporary Jewish-Muslim engagement in the United States.

Food and Drink—Medieval Period” was published in the 2014 edition of The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World, edited by Norman A. Stillman. The encyclopedia is the first cohesive, discrete reference work that covers the Jews of Muslim lands, particularly in the late medieval, early modern, and modern periods.

Freidenreich’s article “Making It in Maine: Stories of Jewish Life in Small-Town America” will be published in Maine History in January 2015. A peer-reviewed publication, Maine History is the only periodical devoted to scholarship on the history of Maine. It is published by the Maine Historical Society in conjunction with the history department at the University of Maine.