Professor of Science, Technology, and Society James Fleming recently published two articles, and he has two additional articles forthcoming.

Climate, Change, History” was published in Environment and Historyan interdisciplinary journal that aims to bring together scholars in the humanities and biological sciences. Fleming’s piece was a special essay for the 20th anniversary edition.

“Climate Physicians and Surgeons” was published in Environmental History, an interdisciplinary journal published by Oxford University Press that carries international articles portraying human interactions with the natural world over time.

Two more articles are forthcoming. “The Checkered Past of Weather and Climate Control and Its Troubling Prospects” will be published in the German book Klimagerechtigkeit und Klimaethik (Climate Justice and Climate Ethics), and “Sense of Place and the Future” is in press as part of Curating Cultures: Museums, Communities and Climate Change, to be published by Routledge.

Fleming is editor-in-chief of History of Meteorologythe official peer-reviewed journal of the International Commission on the History of Meteorology.