Award-winning author of the Aquarathi series, the Almost Girl series, and the Cruentus Curse series, Amalie Gosine Howard ’97 recently returned to her hometown in Trinidad, where she visited her high school and participated in a public book event in a local bookstore. The novelist has enchanted young-adult readers with her stories since 2011; her debut novel, Bloodspell, was an Amazon bestseller. She has a number of projects lined up, having just finished the sequel to The Almost Girl, The Fallen Prince, which is scheduled for publication in 2016. Howard also outlined a sequel to her book Alpha Goddess and recently completed a technological young-adult thriller. 

“In my books,” Howard said, “I love incorporating the intensity of teenage life—the discovery, the defiance, the self-confidence, the flaws of youth, the vibrancy of it, the all-or-nothing mentality … because it makes the stakes so much higher and the scenarios far more compelling.”