After long avoiding saying they are running for president in 2016, many are starting to announce their candidacies. April marks the start of the fundraising sprint for candidates, who face pressure to show early on that big money is flowing into their campaign coffers. One exception is former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Due to support from big donors and the fact that he holds no federal office, Bush is positioned to take advantage of massive holes in campaign finance laws and will likely continue to delay his announcement in order to raise and spend unlimited sums through a super PAC under his control—something he’s able to do until he announces he’s running.

According to Professor of Government Anthony Corrado, “It is one of the things we have seen in past Bush candidacies. They took a lead in fundraising early on to establish their position in the race. Jeb Bush is now going to do that through this super PAC. This will be seen as campaign money.”