Assistant Professor of Psychology Erin Sheets published two papers on smoking cessation and its psychological effects. The first, coauthored with S. Bujarski, D. J. O. Roche, J. L. Krull, I. Guzman, and L. A. Ray and titled “Modeling naturalistic craving, withdrawal, and affect during early nicotine abstinence: A pilot ecological momentary assessment study,” was published in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2015. This study provides insight into the craving, withdrawal, and possible smoking relapse that can occur during a smoker’s first day of abstinence. With future experiments, these discoveries could help to sculpt more effective approaches to the cessation of smoking.

The second paper, written with S. Bujarski, A. M. Leventhal, and L. A. Ray and titled “Emotion differentiation and intensity during acute tobacco abstinence: A comparison of heavy and light smokers,” was published in Addictive Behaviors, 2015. This study explores the effect of cessation from smoking on the abilities of smokers to evaluate and detect their emotions. Understanding the emotional and mental state of recovering smokers could help to provide insight into the prevention of relapse.