Lokesh Todi ’09, a native of Kathmandu, Nepal, is experiencing the aftermath of the worst earthquake to strike the country in more than 80 years. The 7.8-magnitude quake struck Saturday morning, April 25.

“The city has seen a lot of loss in property and life,” Todi said. “Old UNESCO heritage sites such as Durbar Square and Patan have lost temples.” Todi also described increasing homelessness, as many homes were destroyed and people are avoiding many of the remaining buildings in fear of aftershocks that could cause more damage.

To assist with local relief efforts, Todi and his cousin created a fundraising webpage. Todi said they plan to donate the money to local nongovernmental organizations, rather than larger international relief organizations, because “they understand the area better and are going to be here much longer.” As of Wednesday, April 29, the page had raised more than $80,000 U.S.

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