In 2011 Foster Huntington ’10 left a promising fashion career in NYC to travel across the country in his van. Now he lives and works in a treehouse among Douglas firs in Washington State. Over the past year Huntington and his friends built two treehouses connected by bridges, and Huntington hired contractors to build a skate bowl on the same property, known as Cinder Cone.

“I think of it as a big-boys’ camp,” said Tucker Gorman ’10, a friend of Huntington’s from Colby. A builder, Gorman is the one who designed the treehouses, with the help of a treehouse expert. “It’s very much like Neverland up there,” Gorman said.

Not all fun park, Cinder Cone also serves as a workplace for Huntington, who found it hard to get things done with spotty Internet while living out of his van. A freelance photographer, he also publishes A Restless Transplant, an adventure travel blog he began while still a Colby student, and he’s working on a book about building the treehouses.

A former colleague, Aaron Levine, said Huntington has a way of turning pipe dreams into reality. “The things other people talk about doing, Foster does,” Levine said. “He’s a positive, wild-eyed, go-for-it kid.”

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