Photos of Reunion Weekend 2015


“This is a magical community,” David A. Greene said June 6 during a Reunion 2015 conversation with returning alumni. He said his first year in the Eustis corner office brought pleasant surprises: just how strong and unique Colby’s community is, how collaboration rules on Mayflower Hill, and how special Maine is.

Despite hearing about it before his arrival, Greene said the power of Colby’s community was only fully revealed through experiencing it. “It’s true in the way students work together academically,” he said. Many places see more cutthroat competition, but, “That’s not Colby. Colby is a place where someone else’s success is everyone’s success.”

The strength of community is particularly evident at reunions, where people come back after 50 or 60—and, this year, after 75 years—because of their love for the place and the experience that shaped their lives. And it’s particularly dramatic in trying times, he said. “When the toughest things happen here, this is a group that comes together and finds its way through it all.”

And then there is Maine, Waterville, and Mayflower Hill: “The sense of place here, the sense of hard work, the ethics of this place, but also the beauty of it and what that brings to us,” he said. “To me location has to be one of our greatest assets. It’s an extraordinary place.”

More than 1,500 alumni and guests took advantage of perfect June weather in this beautiful spot for reconnecting, reminiscing, and reliving their college days, and they participated in class dinners, talks by alumni and professors, music, dancing, tours of Miller Library (including trips up the tower), and the Saturday morning parade of classes.

The Blue Light 5K Run through Perkins Arboretum attracted about 100 runners ranging in age from 9 to 81. Winners represented the most recent classes: Kate Connolly ’14 won the women’s overall division and Andrew Drummond ’15 took the men’s title.

The Class of ’14 and Class of ’75 broke attendance records for first- and 40th-year reunions, and Adam Cote ’95 had the rapt attention of, and got a standing ovation from, a capacity crowd as he talked about his experiences deployed in Bosnia, Iraq, and very recently in Afghanistan.

Cote, attending his 20th-year reunion, was presented the Distinguished Alumnus Award at the Celebrate Colby event. Alleen Thompson ’40 of Waterville, celebrating her 75th-year reunion, was one of four Colby Brick winners. Citations and names of award winners, from Thompson to Sameera Anwar ’10 and Jacob Fisher ’10, are online.

On the reunion giving front, the Class of ’85, celebrating its 30th, presented Colby with the largest check, having raised an overall reunion total of $12.2 million.

As the fiscal year winds down this month, though, reunion classes and other alumni still have opportunities to achieve fundraising goals. Carolyn Gray Kimberlin, director of the Colby Fund and Alumni Relations, thanked alumni who are already donors this year and after reunion was over, “We still need about 700 more donors in reunion classes to reach our overall reunion participation goal of 60 percent and about $300,000 in the next three weeks to hit our fundraising goal. Any gift gets us one step closer to reaching both of them.”

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  • “Incredibly grateful for the many gifts this magical place has afforded me and all the people who came with it.” Lauren McGrath ’11, Instagram
  • “Phenomenal weekend. Enough said.” Steph Pierce ’05, Instagram
  • “I’m leaving this beautiful place with a full heart thanks to some pretty spectacular people. Saying goodbye isn’t any easier a year later, but it’s safe to say this will always be home.” Jen Nale ’14, Instagram

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